12:  NOAC Local Authority Housing Management and Maintenance Review (PDF, 1.75MB)

11:  NOAC Performance Indicators Report 2015 (PDF, 2.093MB)

10:  NOAC Private Rented Sector Review (PDF, 1.351MB)

9:  NOAC Public Spending Code Report 2015 (PDF, 3.21MB)

8:  NOAC Financial Performance of Local Authorities 2013-2015 (PDF, 506KB)

7:  NOAC Rates Collection Report (PDF, 622KB)

6:  NOAC Shared Services Report (PDF, 1.25MB)

5:  NOAC Local Government Efficiency Review Reforms Report (PDF, 970KB)

4:  NOAC Public Spending Code Report 2014 (PDF, 9.37MB)

3:  Tenant Survey B&A for NOAC (PDF, 3.03MB)

2:  NOAC Performance Indicators Report 2014 (PDF, 2.47MB)

1:  Corporate Plans Report NOAC (PDF, 558KB)